How to Make a Complaint

If you're unhappy with the way in which the ombudsman service handled your complaint, you can ask me to investigate what happened. I'll review the circumstances and, if necessary, make recommendations.

Frequently Asked Questions

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A service complaint is about the practical handling of a case. I'll ask questions such as: Was the correct process followed? Was the administration efficient? And did the ombudsman service keep track of correspondence or case papers?

A service complaint doesn't cover the use of judgement by an adjudicator or ombudsman on what evidence is needed, what weight is placed on the evidence, or whether a complaint should be upheld. I won't comment on the outcome of a case or the facts of your original problem with the business - just how it was handled.

You can complain to me about the practical handling of your case if you're the person who made the complaint to the ombudsman service, if you're the financial business who was complained about or if you think you've been affected by how the ombudsman service have handled a case.

I'm appointed by the Board of the ombudsman service, but I'm not part of the day to day running of the ombudsman, nor am I accountable to the chief executive and chief ombudsman. I'm free from influence, guidance and control by the ombudsman service and the Board in respect of reviews, opinions and recommendations, although my work is limited to the terms of reference which are set by the Board.