I'm appointed by the Board of the Ombudsman Service, but I'm not part of the day to day running of the organisation, and I'm not accountable to the Chief executive and Chief Ombudsman.

I'm free from influence, guidance and control by the Ombudsman Service and the Board in respect of my reviews, opinions and recommendations - although my work is limited to the Terms of Reference which are set by the Board.

My office is not a liaison between the Ombudsman Service and its customers. My office does not pass information between each party.

I use a PO Box to ensure all post comes directly to my office and is opened and read by myself and my staff only.

Although I use the Ombudsman Service's email system, staff at the Service can't see my emails. They can only be accessed by my office.

I have an office at the Ombudsman Service, so I'm able to have formal meetings with senior staff to discuss any general trends I see and so that I can keep abreast of any relevant policy updates or procedural changes. I review most of my cases off-site, but may also work from my office at the Ombudsman Service.

I have staff who work with me to help me run my office day to day, they are based in my office at the Ombudsman Service. You’ll find that when contacting my office, you will correspond with my caseworkers until your complaint is ready for me to investigate. My caseworkers will confirm whether or not your complaint is something I can look into and how long my review may take. Please note, reviews and opinions will always be reached by me.

My office only deals with complaints in writing - so please email or write to us.